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We allow you to Pit yourself against other traders
Our predictive questions earn you bids

The more correct predictions, the more bids you earn to enter our Auctions for cash, cigars, malt whisky and shares.

We Love Trading
It's in our blood

We set predictive questions ahead of the market. The more correct answers, the more bids you get to enter. A fixed entry fee per Predictive Auction is set and deducted from your credits.

Reverse Auctions
Lowest Unique Bid wins

It's the Lowest Unique Bidder that wins. Matched bids are scratched and higher bids are losing bids, leaving just one unique winning bid in each Auction. Every month, reverse auctions are held to price $billions worth of US Government Bonds

Unique Concept
Nothing else like this

No other game of skill and knowledge in the world allows you to pit yourself against other traders. It takes real market strategy to be able to place a winning bid. This is why it is a game of skill and not a game of chance.

Secure Information
Never sold on

We will never sell your information to third parties or bombard you with emails. We send out confirmation emails of your bidding status and you can turn these off when logged on. Just go to your account and open your preference section and un click the confirmation box.

The Lowest Unique Bid Wins
Straight out Auctions
Predictive Q's

Use your market knowledge and then your trading skills to place the winning bid.
Items of Desire auctioned every week.

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Go to 'My Account' in the top bar to open up an account. Just need an email, a Nick Name, secure password and your mobile contact number. Click Here

Lowest Unique Bid Wins

All of our Auctions are run in the Unique Low Bid format, where the winner is the one who places the lowest unique bid. If you bid too high, you will be under bid and if you bid too low you will be hit with a duplicate bids

Games of Skill
No chance involved

Just like in the markets, you have to judge where to put in your bids. You need your knowledge to answer our questions and your trading skills to place your bids. Over time you will build up your strategies.

Buying credits
Via Credit Card or Debit Card

All payments are via (coming soon) and we do not hold any of your details.. Coupons (coming soon) are also available as an e gift. Please read our Terms & Conditions

Customer Support
Always here

Any problems, then please contact us via the contact form. If you want to have a live tutorial, we are more than happy to arrange one for you.

House Account
We also like to play

We have strict internal rules and if you do see us bidding as the 'HOUSE' and we win, then any winnings are put back up to auction again. As traders ourselves, we like to keep our skills up, just like yourselves.

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